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On the darkest day of the year we had

Fox tracks on the deck.

Moose tracks on the driveway.

Rabbit tracks by the compost.

Chickadees at the feeder.

Ravens above the birches.

Happy Solstice.

See you After the New Year.

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We went to bed under Milky Way drenched skies.

(Photo compliments of NASA.)

We awoke to snow in the desert.

 The first significant snow here in eight years, I’m told.


Red Tank Draw, already running high from last weekend’s rain, should be raging in a couple of days.

I love watching water make its way through the land. Those ancient recycled molecules of H2O shape and reshape this amazing place we call Earth.

Water cuts through the land and it cuts through time.

It finds a way around obstacles, or it breaks them down and flows through them.

It never gives up.

And, us humans, we’re mostly water.

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 The sky explodes as the sun rises.

At the same time on the opposite horizon the moon is about to set.

Life happens between ever-changing horizons.

And beyond.

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At Dusk

Bands of lava

Pack the sky

Blur the horizon.


By Dawn

A single moon

Hung like an ornament

Keeps watch.

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In my corner of the world

The first  snow of the season clings to a layer of thin ice on Frog Pond

A squirrel perches, exposed on an island of bare willows,

As the sun sets on Autumn.


My friend, randomizer chose Elana Johnson to recieve a nice hard cover copy of Borderline by Allan Stratton. Congrats, Elana!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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