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Byer's Lake

I didn’t get a photo of the grizzly bears we saw on our weekend trip to Byer’s Lake.

They were moving too fast and they were too close.

The mother woofed.

The cub followed her as she sprinted away.

I’m grateful that I saw them.

And happy that they chose to run away.

They did circle back and surprise us.

Running about thirty miles an hour.

Crossing the trail about forty feet in front of us.

It was a humbling display of power and energy.

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My hammock days are numbered.

Old Man winter is reaching his tendrils into Interior Alaska.

Maybe one more week of swinging.

Or perhaps just a day.

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Fall can be brief in Interior Alaska.

The  bare birches, like sentinels, stand, waiting for winter.

In the Goldstream Valley the ponds have iced over.

Holding their secrets hostage until April or May.


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