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I’ve been doing a little experimenting with a video camera for a class I’m taking. My first video is posted over at Project Mayhem. It’s a little on the silly side.

Happy Halloween!!!

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I’ve been given an offer I couldn’t refuse–to join the Project Mayhem Blog–subtitled: The manic minds of middle grade writers. I love that phrase!!

I’m honored to be invited and will be posting over there a couple times a month.

Other Mayhem members include: Hilary Wagner, Jen K. Blom, Dee Garretson, Timothy Power, Dawn Lairamore, Marissa Burt, Rose Cooper, Yahong Chi, Michael Winchell, Caroline Star Rose, and Matthew MacNish.

I’m really thrilled and humbled to be included in such a fantastic mix of writers and bloggers.

Please stop by Project Mayhem and say hello.

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