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Thanks for stopping by last week and learning about the awesome MG novel The Boy Who Howled by Timothy Power.

The lucky winner of a beautiful hardcover copy, chosen by a random number generator, is Terron James. Congrats!!

I spent the winter revising two novels and now, after a two week break, am starting a new book.

You know how sometimes a premise strikes you like lightning and you are off and running….or sometimes you have to write around an idea for a while before the real idea makes itself known?

Whether you’re a plotter or panster, or, like me, you fall somewhere in between, starting to write a new book can be both exciting and daunting.

At a conference a few years ago Will Hobbs said that writing a novel is an act of faith. When I think about what Will said, two things come to mind:

1.  Go into the process with an open mind. I won’t know how it will turn out unless I try.

2. Keep pushing ahead, not with the belief that I’ll definitely come out with a viable story even though I obviously hope I will, but with the idea that I’ll just continually strive to do the best that I can because that is all I can do.

So, if you see me walking around talking to myself this week, don’t worry, it’s just part of the process. Sometimes I burn things on the stove, too.

Happy Writing, friends!!

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Timothy Power’s debut middle grade novel, The Boy Who Howled, has that perfect mixture of tension, humor and surprise that makes you want to keep turning the pages to see what happens to Callum; a young boy who was raised by wolves and then sent back to live with his own kind—humans.

From the Jacket flap: “With wild humor, Timothy Power’s inventive writing brings to life a boy’s quest to find his place in a strange world. You’ll root for Callum—when you’re not howling with laughter.”

Yes, there were many laugh-out-loud moments in this story. If you’re looking for an uplifting and humorous story with a healthy amount of tension and a unique voice, then pick up The Boy Who Howled. We read it out loud at our house and loved it!!

But hey, don’t just listen to me. Here’s what the experts said:

“This debut is comical but also poignant.”—Booklist

“The comparison between the great Wild and middle school is an apt one, and debut author Power makes the most of Callum’s humorous foray into the human world. His attempts to win over the A-crowd with his food-gathering abilities are particularly amusing, as is his strange ability to communicate with the city’s stray dogs. A host of entertainingly quirky secondary characters, including a few of the lupine variety, complete the picture.”—BCCB

“A positively giddy comedy.”—Kirkus

You can find Timothy at his blog and at Project Mayhem, and on Twitter @timothypower67.

I’m giving away one beautiful copy of The Boy Who Howled. Comment below by midnight Friday EST for a chance to win.

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The oldest Saguaros live for two hundred years, scrape the sky at fifty feet, and weigh seven tons.

They exist as single trunks until they turn 75, then they start growing arms.

Long after death they remain a distictive part of the land.

Their old bones standing tall.


I’ll be traveling the next couple of weeks, visiting some dear friends in Hawaii before ending up back home in Fairbanks, Alaska in mid-April. The blog may be a bit quiet until then, but I’ll check in when I can. Thank you for stopping by.

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