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moonset 2






I don’t know if the full moon had anything to do with this odd but cute moose behavior that occurred just outside my door.


What surprising animal behavior have you observed?

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A couple shots of the full moon before it slipped below the horizon this morning.

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Last night I heard a Boreal Owl calling—the first of the season around our place.

Every year, when I hear the first owl call I wonder if one will nest close by. Several years ago a female nested in an old birch snag behind our house. We’d see her poking her head out of a round hole in the dead tree—an opening made by a woodpecker.

One day–sometime after the trees leafed out—I heard a crash on our deck and went out to investigate. Here’s what I found.

A just-fledged Boreal Owl snug up against the house.

It stayed there for at least 30 minutes. I didn’t know if it was hurt so I gently touched it with a stick and it moved. Horray!!

Finally, after several more minutes, it flapped it wings and landed on the railing.

A few minutes later, it flew off.

So yeah, every year when I hear the first owl I wonder if we’ll have new neighbors for a little while in the Spring. I hope so!!

Do you have any animals making their homes by your house? Or, have you in the past?

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Semester break in the Red Rock Country.

It was mostly T-shirt weather.

Back home and it’s supposed to be fifty below this weekend.

I hope your new year is off to a good start. I’m teaching American Lit. and Newcomer English, taking a class, shoveling tons of snow, and am hoping to start writing a new book soon.

What are you up to?

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