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If you haven’t do so already, head on over to Terry Lynn Johnson’s Blog and give her a high-five.

She is now represented by Caryn Wisman of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency!!!

My YA Giveaway ends at midnight tonight. Just leave a comment on the Giveaway Post to participate.  I’ll announce the winners in a couple days.

Have a great weekend!!

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Like most dogs, Sasha spends a lot of time with her nose to the ground.

Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. In search something to eat, or something to pee on. But just yesterday, on one of our romps, I caught her doing this.

She’d obviously found a tasty treat. A treat that became her whole world for a few minutes.

Later, back in the world of my WIP, I thought about this. I don’t have any tree-licking dogs in my story, or any dogs at all, but what about my characters? No, I’m not going to have any of them licking trees either.

But, am I pushing them to their limits? Do I need to redefine their limits? Or even remove them?

Sasha was just doing what any dog does, looking for something yummy to eat, but where she found it and her appearance as she checked it out was new and interesting for me, and redefined her character.


Take a look at your characters. Can you push them into new territory while still maintaining who they are? Can you take something one of them does and twist it?

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