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The Wild Lands made the list for January’s Best New Young Adult Books from Barnes & Noble!!

Here’s the write up: I have a huge thing for survival stories and for stories set in Alaska, so this book in which Alaska has been cut off from the world by natural disasters and a tiny ol’ breakdown of civilization is at the top of my to-read list. Travis and his little sister, Jess, are two of the only survivors remaining, and food is running out. They have hundreds of miles to cross, rife with desperate and dangerous survivors and starving animals who see them as prey. But they must attempt the journey in order to stay alive, even if the travel itself might kill them.Dahlia Adler

The Wild Lands comes out January 29th!! You should be able to get it from your local Barnes & Noble or Independent Bookstore. Or, you can pre-order it for a discount now.

Happy New Year!


Paul Greci is the author of Surviving Bear Island, a 2015 Junior Library Guild Selection and a 2016 Scholastic Reading Club Selection. Forthcoming is Follow the River, a sequel to Surviving Bear Island published by Move Books. In January 2019, Paul’s first young adult novel, The Wild Lands will be published by Macmillan.



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