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 Some of you might remember the Other Northwriter. Yeah, my wife, Dana. She’s a little cyber-shy but was willing to let me post the photo below.

My view from the back of the kayak. No matter how fast I paddle I can never quite catch Dana.

She applied for and was granted a sabbatical for this school year. So instead of teaching her classes and serving on a bunch of committees for her job duties at the University, she’s writing a novel, and doing a couple of other writing projects.

So, yeah, we’re both writing full-time this year.

Point is, she’s not tied to a geographic location this year and neither am I, so we’re going to take advantage of this rare opportunity to be somewhere different for a few winter months.

It all started coming together when a good friend of ours needed a place to stay this winter. I was stressing about what we’d do with our house if we left because Fairbanks winters are hard on houses, even a small one like ours. I didn’t want to rent it out, and didn’t want to close it down either.

"Bummer. I guess the heater kicked off."

Anyway, our friend is going to stay in our house why we relocate for a few months to, drum roll please….Arizona.

This all happens in about a month.

Lots of details to still workout. The idea is that we’ll do a lot of writing, just in a different place. I love the southwest and have spent a bunch of time doing wilderness trips down there over the years, but it’s been a while.

We didn’t want to go somewhere totally new—like Italy, although we considered it—because then the distractions might be too great to overcome. And yeah, it would cost a little more, too.

So anyway, you’ll probably be seeing some red rocks and cactus on my blog this winter, but not for a little while yet. More details to come.

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