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I’m a little jet-lagged and my ears are plugged. Yes, we had a great trip—gone for nineteen days.

Some highlights: Good times with family. T-shirt weather and lots of alligator encounters in Florida.

And then onto New York where we saw an Alvin Ailey dance performance, saw Avatar at the Lincoln Square IMAX theater, went to the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art, and met my agent, Jennifer DeChiara. Had a great meeting. All smiles. Full-steam ahead with new book ideas!

Right now it’s dark and a balmy twenty below zero. Tomorrow I continue rewriting a YA adventure story, and hopefully start a new book, too. My goal: 1000 words per day on the new story. And for the rewrite, just keep at it until it’s ready to hand off to beta readers.

I’ve never given myself a words-per-day-goal. I’ve always just dived in, sometimes writing 6000 words a day and sometimes just sitting and thinking things through for a day or two while writing nothing.

I’m planning on starting my day with the 1000 words on the new WIP; otherwise, I think the rewrite will prevent me from even starting the new novel because I could work on the rewrite forever.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences, and advice on word count goals: Have you used word count goals? What did you do and how did it work out? What did you learn?


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