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I’m in the middle of a new WIP. I’ve got a rough outline that keeps me on track but leaves lots of room for growth and spontaneity. I have the back story written for my major characters. I have a potential scene list in a potential order.

I knew that some of the obstacles my MC would run into would be people, but as I approached each new scene I’d get new ideas about who those people were.

I’d been reading  The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell and decided to do a Voice Journal for each new character entering the story. I didn’t ask the characters questions. I just let them talk about their lives and what brought each of them to where they are now. I’ve written three of them, each about 1200 words.

Here’s what they are helping me do in my first draft:

  1. The dialogue is sharper.
  2. I’m more tuned in to the distinct voice of each character.
  3. I’m discovering more hidden motives for how my characters are responding.
  4. I seem to be writing more words in a shorter time.

Have you used a Voice Journal or a variation of one? How did you like it? I’d love to hear your response.


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