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1.  So, I’m a month into the semester and loving it. I have students from Indonesia, China, Puerto Rico, rural Alaska, and the Dominican Republic. They are my teachers as much or more as I am theirs.

2.  I won’t be running the Equinox Marathon next weekend because of a slow-to-heal calf injury, but I did run three marathons in the past twelve months so I’m not too disappointed. Still, on race day I’m sure I’ll be missing it. It’s my all time favorite race and I’ve run it eight times.

3.  Fall is in full swing up here. The birches and aspens are a blaze of yellow, and strings of Sandhill Cranes are heading south interspersed with V’s of Canada Geese. And with the increased security on the borders I’m not sure what will happen. I mean, the geese will have no problem getting into Canada, but when they try to cross back into the states…could be trouble.

Goose in Police Car

"I've never needed a passport before on this flyway."

The garden is halfway harvested but there are still lots of potatoes to dig and carrots to pull.

And the cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse—we just eat them right off the vine.

And my writing….I’m hoping to dig into my WIP soon.

That’s what’s going on with me. What’s happening in your life, friends?


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Recently I was asked this question: What attributes or qualities does an outstanding teacher possess?

This is what I came up with. And no, they aren’t listed in order of importance, just in the order I thought of them.

1.  In order to be an outstanding teacher you need to be committed to doing the best job that you can do. For a teacher, that means staying current on the research both in teaching methods and classroom content and then implementing the new content and methods in the classroom.

2.  Another attribute of being an outstanding teacher is to be able to accurately assess where your students are, meet them there, and then figure out the best way to help them move forward.

3.  An outstanding teacher conducts classes in ways that foster self-respect and build confidence in the students.

4.  An outstanding teacher is not afraid to seek support or advice from other professionals.

5.  An outstanding teacher takes full responsibility for what goes on in the classroom and constantly evaluates his/her own performance and makes changes accordingly.

6.  An outstanding teacher isn’t afraid to try new methods and approaches and in fact seeks them out knowing that the teacher/learner relationship is an evolving process.

I know this list is incomplete and I’d like your help expanding it.

What would you add to this list? Would you take anything off? Whether you are a student, a parent, or a teacher, I’d like to know what quality or qualities you think are most important for a teacher to have?

Thanks for your thoughts!!

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