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Here’s a few photos from our sea kayak trip in Prince William Sound.

Rain is the default setting in Prince William Sound.

So, a little sunshine went a long way.

I was fortunate to catch some salmon.

Which we cooked in the coals of a driftwood fire.

Mostly, it rained. But I still loved being out there!

 On those rainy days I managed to do a bunch of writing in my journal. I even started a new YA novel, which I had no intention of doing while I was out there. Oops!

This was one of our kitchen/writing rooms.

Definitely a room with a view.

We saw countless numbers of sea lions and bald eagles and otters but spoke with just one other party of kayakers during our ten day trip. And saw maybe three other groups of kayakers from a distance. 

The longest I’ve ever gone not seeing another human being was on a nine day solo backpacking trip where I literally not only didn’t speak to anyone but saw no one, not even from a distance. I definitely did a lot of talking to myself on that trip, but hey, I do that anyway.

I’m reacquainting myself with my WIP this week, reading it and making some notes before writing the last 10K or so of a first draft.

How long have you gone without seeing or speaking to another human? And, what are you up to this week?


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