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In between some amazing sessions at WriteOnCon I had to keep sneaking out to the garden to harvest the vegetables that have pretty much taken over our lives.

On one of my harvesting forays I saw some brown blurry movement. At first I thought it was just the sun and shadows playing tricks on me. Something kept sneaking into my line of sight and disappearing.

I sat down in a chair in front of our greenhouse and this little munchkin popped out from under one of the raised beds.

Short-tailed weasel

He proceeded to dart in and out of cover for about a half hour. Luckily for me, WriteOnCon has great archives so I didn’t have to worry about missing something while I hung with the weasel. 

I got a few fleeting photos. He was a fast little sucker. Cute, too.

The little guy made my day, but WriteOnCon made my week. A big thank you to Jamie Harrington, Elana Johnson, Casey McCormick, Shannon Messenger, Lisa & Laura Roecker and Jennifer Stayrook for working the magic that made it all happen. 

All the presentations are archived on the WriteOnCon website. It is a great resource for writers. I’m not even going to try to pick a favorite, or most helpful, post or vlog or live chat. They were all very high quality, professional, fun and thought provoking.

Today I’m heading out on a twenty mile run with a friend in preparation for the Equinox Marathon. We both have some knee issues limiting us, but our running mantra is: Slow miles are better than no miles.

Happy writing, and have a great weekend!


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