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I own a pile of writing books. Some I’ve read just once. Others I come back to again and again.

The newest addition to my library is Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris.


Nail Your Novel is about how to take your idea and turn it into a novel, and about how to breathe new life into abandoned projects. It is not a craft book, but more of a process book.

I’m in the middle of rewriting a novel from a different POV. When I finish my first draft, I’m going to try Roz’s method for taking a close look at my scenes to see how they fit together. She’s taken the Hollywood beat sheet concept and adapted it to analyze the scenes in a novel for purpose, mood and pacing. Pages 80-84 in Nail Your Novel.

Roz says, “A scene must be interesting in its own right, but also because of what came before and what comes after it.”

I read Nail Your Novel in a couple of hours. It’s a short book (122 pages). And, it’s free. You can download it. You don’t have to log in, or give your email address, or register for anything. As far as I can tell, it’s just plain free.

I’m excited to have a new tool that looks at big picture issues in novels.

What is the most recent thing you’ve found or read that has helped you as a writer?


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