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I’ve had my head buried in my rewrite this past week, coming up for air only to take care of personal business.

The above is an attempt to make a face from some items plucked from my windowsill. I found all these things in some remote corners of this amazing planet, and there’s at least one personal story attached to each of them. And I might tell some of those stories someday.

But those stories are interesting mostly to me because I’m the one attached to those objects. Yeah, we could debate that. I do read and love lots of nonfiction.

But this past week as I tried to stretch and push and mold and refold my WIP, one of my favorite writing quotes kept nudging its way into my brain. I don’t even need this quote written out to remember it.

I heard the prolific YA novelist, Richard Peck speak a few years back and he said something like this:

           A story is not what happened. It’s what might have happened.

Sometimes, for me at least, simple wisdom, like the quote above, is just what I need to keep digging. To try to see beyond what I’ve already seen. To keep reaching toward what my story is becoming. To remain open to what might have happened.

And to remember that yeah, this is my story, but it needs to be way bigger than me if I want readers to connect with it.




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