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I had to put my “How my writing journey is like a Desert Tortoise” post on hold because I’ve been packing for a kayak trip.

We leave Monday. That’s tomorrow! Yikes!

I’ve been battling a cold and sore throat which I hope to leave at the dock in Valdez¬†as we paddle into Prince William Sound.

I’ve started other trips feeling a little on the lousy side so I’m not too concerned, but still, I’d like to be 100 % by the time we leave.

The first time I went sea kayaking (19 years ago) I was out for nine weeks and paddled over 500 miles. Since then I’ve paddled both¬†solo and with friends on trips ranging from one week to one month. My wife’s shoulder is a little on the blink so this trip will probably be more hiking-oriented, and lounging on deserted beaches than paddling. Or, hunkering down under a tarp in the pouring rain.

Yeah, that’s us on one of our more soggy trips. We named this place Camp Hunchback because we spent most of the time stooping under a tarp while it rained buckets. On a few trips we’ve had more sun than rain. But hey, you go into the rainforest, you expect it to rain!

I look forward to catching up with everyone when I return.

Happy writing!!


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