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Moose are huge. And outside my house, sometimes it seems like they appear out of nowhere.


When I see a moose, I stop what I’m doing and pay attention. I almost always learn something new. Last winter I watched one gnaw on shell fungus that was growing on a birch tree.


Several years ago I watched a mother and two calves as they ate the jack-o-lanterns perched on our deck railing.

With writing, I think of a moose-on-the-loose as being struck by a different idea. It wasn’t in the picture a moment ago, but now there it is. And, it’s huge.

So, do you check out the idea? It might be just what your story needs. You never know. Do you just make a note of it and move on, or do you run with it?

I wouldn’t want to use a moose-on-the-loose as an excuse to abandon my story idea, or to procrastinate, but it could be just what my story needs.


I’ve been observing a moose-on-the-loose in my current WIP for a few days now. I’ve just decided to follow it because I think it will deepen an already existing plot thread and add complexity to both the protagonist and two major secondary characters. Hopefully, this moose-on-the-loose isn’t just leading me into a dead end swamp.

What do you do when  a moose-on-the-loose suddenly appears in your manuscript?


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