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You’ve probably heard the true story about Aron Ralston and the brave choices he made when he was trapped alone with his arm pinned between a boulder and a canyon wall. He did an amazing thing by cutting off his own arm in order to survive.

You might live your entire life never being forced to confront the the possibility of your own death if you don’t take drastic action like Aron had to. I hope we all do.

However, my friend Kevin pointed out that we all make choices in our lives that play into our  longevity and that Aron’s choices in those 127 hours was equivalent to having your entire life compressed into a very short time.

How we live plays a role in how long we live, and the tiny choices we make daily add up over time, just like the choices Aron made in the five and half days he was trapped.

Life isn’t just about how long we live. However, Kevin’s comment heightened my awareness about how the small choices I make daily play into my own  longevity.

I don’t have a recipe for how to live. Some heavy smokers live to be a hundred and some really healthy people die young. Right? We have no control over the genetic hand we’re dealt. And yeah, you could be run over by a bus or hit by a falling icicle tomorrow. There are no guarantees.

Still, Kevin’s comment was an invitation to be more conscious. It helped me to see that even the small choices I make matter.

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I haven't taken the time to look this puppy up, but he's pretty buff, I think.

1. I came home from a long run and found the guy in the above photo in the kitchen. I persuaded him to get into a plastic container, then set him on the back patio.

2. Scorpion Sting Update: One month later and the very tip of my pinky finger is still a bit numb.

3. I haven’t told you my number one sting story yet, but I probably will soon.

4. Thanks to some great critique notes from Terry, ali, Natalie, and Robert I’m plowing through a rewrite of one of my WIPs.

5. When my internet connection was on the blink last week I got a lot of writing done. Still, I’m glad to be reconnected.

6. This last thing sounds deceptively simple: The best way to plan for the future is to live in the present.

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