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 Way before I even considered pursuing writing full time, my wife, Dana was getting her MFA in Creative Writing and cranking out some very cool creative non-fiction.

After she got her MFA, she taught part-time at the University Of Alaska for several years, and then landed a full-time Professor position about seven years ago teaching Developmental English.

Last year she got her tenure. And this year she applied for a year-long Sabbatical and we just found out that she got it! Hooray!!!

These are the flowers I got her.

So, for the academic year, 2010-2011 we’re going to have two full-time writers in our house because Dana’s writing a novel for her Sabbatical project!

I asked Dana if she wanted to get a treadmill and set it up along-side mine, but she prefers to do her writing sitting down and her walking outside. Strange, I know.

Dana reads my work when she has the time. And she doesn’t just say: “Oh, honey, this is lovely, just great that you wrote this…

She tears apart my tenses and hands me a shovel to fill plot holes. She works over a manuscript the way you want it worked over. Your tail might be down just a little bit because you’ve just been shown that your story needs a little more work than you thought it did, but at the same time your tail is wagging because you’ve just received some encouragement, direction and ideas.

Two years ago when I told Dana I wanted to resign from my teaching job to pursue writing full-time, she responded with three words: GO FOR IT.

When Dana starts tapping the key board, I hope I can provide the kind of support for her that she does for me.

What is your best advice for supporting other writers?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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