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I haven't taken the time to look this puppy up, but he's pretty buff, I think.

1. I came home from a long run and found the guy in the above photo in the kitchen. I persuaded him to get into a plastic container, then set him on the back patio.

2. Scorpion Sting Update: One month later and the very tip of my pinky finger is still a bit numb.

3. I haven’t told you my number one sting story yet, but I probably will soon.

4. Thanks to some great critique notes from Terry, ali, Natalie, and Robert I’m plowing through a rewrite of one of my WIPs.

5. When my internet connection was on the blink last week I got a lot of writing done. Still, I’m glad to be reconnected.

6. This last thing sounds deceptively simple: The best way to plan for the future is to live in the present.


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