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Backcountry Notes

I’ll be in and out of contact with the world for the next couple of weeks while digging into the culture and beauty of the Italian Alps. Since I don’t know exactly when I’ll be in and out of the backcountry, I’ll pop into the cyber-world when I can, hopefully with some photos.

Thanks for stopping by.

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We started our fourteen mile hike on this trail above Wet Beaver Creek.

After four miles the trail dropped down to the creek and we had to wade across if we wanted to keep going. Yeah, that’s Dana getting a little help from a stick she found.

It was a steep climb from there and we got a cool view of the creek below.

We climbed up higher and the red rock trail turned to snow.

We kept on going until we caught some air. Yep, didn’t go any further for obvious reasons. 

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