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Right Place Right Time

We’re taking care of Sasha for a couple of weeks. She needs at least one walk per day, and I prefer to take her when it is light out. These days the sun rises around 11:00 am, then slips below the horizon around 2:30.

By 2 pm I’d already walked for several hours while rewriting my WIP, but that hadn’t done Sasha any good. I tried to coax her onto the treadmill with a dog bisquit, but she didn’t want any part of it.

So, off we went. She snuffed her nose in the snow at 10 below zero, hunting for voles I think, and peed anywhere the snow was already yellow.

Toward the end of our romp, we were coming down a hill. We broke out of the woods and had a view of the Alaska Range. It cut a jagged line on the horizon about a hundred miles to the south. The sky was clear and the sun was just starting to set. Sasha whined while I stopped to watch.

Just after the sun slid below the horizon, a half-sun of bright green appeared, hung in the sky for several seconds, then vanished. The photo below will give you an idea of what I saw, except the green I saw was brighter, and contrasted by the white of the snow.


I’d heard about the Green Flash, an image of the sun created by refraction when conditions are right. I spend a lot of time outside, had hoped to see the green flash plenty of times, but had never seen it until today. (It’s like my one and only mountain lion sighting, but that’s a story for another post.)

Anyway, thanks to Sasha, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time for the Green Flash. And, I was paying attention.

Do you have a right place at the right time story? Or a wrong place at the wrong time story? What happened?


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