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Submission Belly

New Publishing Term:

Submission Belly—fleshy pouch mysteriously appearing in the mid-section of the body above and beyond what might already be there.

Known prominent causes—having a book on submission, querying, entering a writing contest, or obsessing about any of the above conditions whether you are in them or not.

Submission Belly size may vary, and even fluctuate significantly week to week.

Sometimes a Submission Belly may appear to disappear only to reappear just as mysteriously. (Mine has done that several times over the past year.)

My submission belly, near as I can tell, ebbs and flows in size from three to five pounds.

I took my little submission belly on journey yesterday when I ran the Gold Discovery Run—my first race since my knee surgery sixteen months ago.

Boy, did we have fun!

We traveled together on a 16 mile down hill romp, averaging about 8:35 per mile. Without my submission belly I probably could have run faster but was just happy to finish the race uninjured.

I say, make friends with your submission belly. Take it for walks and bike rides. Or to the movies. You never know when it just might disappear.

Have you made friends with your submission belly?


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