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Wood is the main fuel that heats our house so I spend quite a bit of time doing wood-related chores from cutting down trees,

to hauling wood in a wheel barrow,

or a sled,

to splitting and stacking wood,

and yes, burning it.

Over the years I’ve used the woodpile as a place to think. When I was teaching I’d mull over which short story to read to my class, or how to connect with a student who was in a crisis, or how to make some boring grammar lesson interesting.

As a writer I use the woodpile to try out voices for my characters, or to think through a plot problem. And to remind myself that it takes time for a story idea to mature into a novel.

I love the woodpile and the wood chores because I am working on providing a basic need. For me, that is grounding in and of itself. I’ve grown to love doing simple chores that connect me directly with being a human.

It’s all too easy for me to get caught up in worrying over things I can’t control and trying to change things that I have no control over. Working at the woodpile helps me to take a step back and breathe. It reminds me that I am alive in this amazing world.

What activities do you do that are grounding? What do you think about while you are doing them?


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