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If you missed Monday’s post, a Submission Belly is a fleshy pouch mysteriously appearing in the mid-section of the body above and beyond what might already be there. Having a book on submission, querying,  or entering a writing contest could create this condition.

I gain weight pretty quickly. I’ve been this way my whole life. The main way I deal with it is to exercise. Luckily, I am an exercise addict and seek out activities that require endurance. As some of you know, I spend about half of my writing time on my treadmill desk.

I was puzzled when I was exercising and doing a good job of watching what I eat and I put on a few pounds. I increased my activity and the weight stayed. Just a few pounds, but still, there it was, the dreaded Submission Belly.

So, here’s the deal. Weight gain can be caused by stress.

No, I’m not talking about eating junk food or carbs as a response to stress.

You might have really healthy consumption and exercise habits and still gain weight. I know, it’s not fair.

Medically speaking, my understanding is that our bodies have an ancient hormonal response in reaction to stress. That response triggers our bodies to store fat in the abdomen.

Back in hunter gatherer days it was a survival mechanism. Not so in our calorie rich contemporary times. If you want the medical details, check out these links:

Stress: The Hidden Factor For Weight Gain

Adrenal Fatigue

I ended Monday’s post with a call to make friends with your submission belly. In other words, do things to relieve the stress. (Stressing about the presence of a submission belly just adds fuel to the fire.)

We all have different ways to relieve stress. One thing I do throughout the day is to be conscious of my breathing. It’s amazing how relaxing breathing is when you are aware that you are breathing. One conscious breath can go a long way.

When I was teaching in a program for at risk teens I used this technique before responding to students who were cussing me out or threatening me. Don’t get me wrong. The kids I worked with were great. They just had a lot of anger because of their life situations. One conscious breath helped me remember that before responding.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on stress reduction. What do you do? Does it work for you?


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